Green Loo's GL 90 and GL 55 Low Profile Systems

100% Australian Made

Green Loo GL 90 and GL 55

Ideal for small & medium applications where a low profile is required.
Perfect for tiny Homes and 'Weekenders'!!!
  • The Best Value Systems on the Market!
  • Exclusive patented composting technology
  • Waterless, odourless & hygienic - No chemicals
  • Solar option available
  • Quick, easy installation - by any handyman
  • Sturdy & simple design - break-down proof
  • No fuss maintenance
  • Locally made with recycled material

Green Loo cares deeply about the Earth and her precious resources - we believe in a world where we put 'People Before Profits' and we are doing 'our bit' by offering these superior systems at a seriously minimized price.

Unlike other companies, we don’t include a roll of fancy toilet paper to make us seem generous and then proceed to hide essential components as 'optional extras'. We respect our client’s intelligence more than that - and rather offer you great prices!

When designing the GL Series, Green Loo deliberately decided against over-engineering -and not include things like compost mixers and double wall construction. We believe that it adds unnecessary costs to the retail price and delivers negligible, or indeed negative benefits to the final product. Indeed, double wall construction, due to inherent design flaws, CAUSE HEAT LOSS, RATHER THAN PRESERVE HEAT!

Here at Green Loo we believe strongly in the KISS principle - and best prices for you.

GL 90 Specifications:

The GL 90 measures
600 w x 600 d x 450 mm high, the adjustable chute extends up to an extra 600 mm.

The volume of the system is two containers at 90 l each, which services
2 - 3 people full time (10 visits daily (average), 3,650 visits annually (approximately)) -
each optional spare container purchased adds 2 - 3 people extra to this capacity

Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2-2008 Approved
Complete with 'Helsinki' Pedestal $1,295.00

GL 55 Specifications:

The GL 55 measures
450 w x 450 d x 550 mm high, the adjustable chute extends up to an extra 600 mm.

The volume of the system is two containers at
55 l each, which services
1 - 2 people full time (6 visits daily (average), 2,190 visits annually (approximately)) -
each optional spare container purchased adds 1 - 2 people extra to this capacity.

Weekend use can be for up to 4 - 5 people.

Complete with 'Helsinki' Pedestal $999.00
Please click on the YouTube video links at the bottom left to learn more about the GL Systems - the GL 90 is featured but these videos also apply to the GL 55
The GL 90 System Explained
2 Installation Options
Ceramic Pedestal Install Option

What is included?

Green Loo’s GL kits comes with everything you need to set the system up:

One Composting container with waste chute, spare container with sealed lid, timber rails, 12V fan & 240V power adaptor, vent fittings, excess liquids drainage hose, composting bacteria, liquid enzyme cleaner, 1 or2 bags of  covering material/bulking agent, instruction and wall sign  & a 'Helsinki' Pedestal.

Black Helsinki pedestal option currently offered at the same price - usually $50.00 extra.

Other pedestal options are available.

For transport cost reasons we don't include the lengths of 100mm vent pipe which are easily available from your local hardware/plumbing store and the slotted drainage pipe for the liquids drain.However, you can purchase our Vent & Drain Kit if you wish 'to make life easy'.

To find out more about how batch composting toilets work, how the GT and GL the systems work and what makes them special and unrivalled in there class, click here

The 'Helsinki' Pedestal.

This pedestal is the most affordable compost toilet pedestal on the market. Locally manufactured from durable Polyethylene it combines elegant design with great practicality. It features a slow - close, quick release seat for easy cleaning.
  • Affordable & Lightweight
  • Easily cleanable
  • Easy installation
  • Hygienic
  • Different colour options available

Ozzie made - and best value! The GL 90 Tiny Home Toilet Comparison:

Correct as of 30 / 08 / 2020

Our porcelain pedestal - the 'Oslo'

'Oslo' Porcelain Pedestal -
with Deluxe Slow Close Seat

The most upmarket dry composting pedestal on the market today, the 'Oslo' porcelain pedestal combines timeless elegance with the unmatched durability and class of porcelain.

Featuring a deluxe slow-close seat (with a quick - release mechanism for easy cleaning access), this pedestal is sure to be the envy of any compost toilet aficionado. With a glass-like smooth ceramic finish facilitating easy cleaning, it will look brand new for many years to come. 

Stock is expected to arrive first week of November - so any orders that include the 'Oslo' will be dispatched when the pedestal is in stock.

The Technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.

Freeman Dyson

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