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Green Loo, Australia's largest manufacturer of composting toilets is a Gold Coast based company offering the most effective and fail safe all-in-one solutions to your bio - sanitation needs. We believe in 'putting your money where your mouth is' and therefore pride ourselves on supplying the:

Best value composting toilets available in
Australia and World Wide!

The  GL 90 - the Tiny House Champion - from  $1,350.00

And Australia's most popular composting toilet!!!

The GL 90 was inspired by the need for an affordable low profile composting Split System for Tiny Houses. However, it serves just as well in any domestic situation.

Designed in-house and manufactured locally in Australia (with recycled materials), this Loo is truly a reason to 'buy local'. Unlike other systems that are imported but advertised as 'Australian manufactured', this Loo gets as 'true blue' as you can get.

Now available with Compost Maximiser - GL 90 CM
- or the original 'Nova Lite' version - GL 90 NL

Australian & New Zealand Standard1546.2-2008 Approved

If we say it's Australian made, it is made in Australia!

On this website you will see most products having been awarded the
AAA label: Australian manufactured, owned & made.
There is a distinction between 'Australian Made' and 'Manufactured'. Elsewhere you will see a lot of 'Australian Made' composting toilets advertised, where indeed the core components were manufactured overseas. This is legal according to current consumer laws.
However, if we say it's made in Australia, it's also manufactured in Australia!

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We've Done it Again - a World First!!!

CF 4: The first continuous composting toilet system for Tiny Homes and small domestic applications!
CF 14: Big Value / Low profile continuous composting toilet system- for domestic or commercial requirements.

Our new line of continuous composting systems. More systems to follow soon!

When designing the CF Series, Green Loo wanted to introduce affordable continuous composting systems. The CF 4 requires only 325mm clearance under floor and is ideal for Tiny Homes - but is equally useful for small/medium size domestic applications.
The CF 14 requires 450mm and is a great fit for large domestic or commercial requirements

The Best Value Continuous Composting Systems on the Market starting at $1,995.00.

Locally manufactured with recycled materials!

And now moving on to our other exceptional
(and exceptionally priced) range of
composting toilets below.

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Self - Contained Units - or 'Pods'
as we like to call them

Ideal for multi - level dwellings, slab buildings, caravans and tiny homes, as no under-floor space is required. You will also find Australia's most affordable composting toilet here. 


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The Green Loo GL Systems
The most affordable Split Systems on the market !!!

100% Australian designed and made, these beauties has broken the price barrier! Available from an unbelievable $1,195.00 as a set with pedestal, they were inspired by the need for an affordable low profile composting Split System for Tiny Houses or Weekenders.

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The award winning
GT 120 and GT 330
Split Systems

The ultimate and best value infinitely scale-able batch composting system on the market. The UN award winning GT Systems give you the most 'bang for your buck' of any composting toilet in Oz and the World!

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The CF range -  the CF 4 and CF 14

Ideal for applications where a low profile and minimal maintenance is required.
The CF 4 is the first continuous composting toilet system for Tiny Homes and small domestic applications!
The CF 14 - low profile and affordable continuous composting for domestic & commercial situations.

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Rota - Loo

The ingenious carousel batch composting system for  medium and large volume use. The Rota-Loo also requires no excess liquids drainage and therefore can be utilised even close to sensitive waterways!

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Eco - Remote

Setting the new Gold Standard of composting toilets, this system, unique in Australia, allows for the composting unit to be installed up to 15 meters away from the toilet, allowing installation in previously impossible situations! Can be retro-fitted and slab buildings are OK!

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Enviro - Loo

A domestic, commercial or large commercial size composting toilet, the Enviro - Loo is a proven (over 100,000 installed) system with the great advantage that the toilet floor is at ground level -  saving hugely on building costs!
45% - 245% better value than comparable systems!


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Toilet Buildings

Green Loo offers a range of different toilet rooms tailored to varying situations. Whether a domestic building is required or facilities for Public Spaces are needed. Whatever the requirement, Green Loo has a solution in store.

Dry composting toilets that use no water for flushing conserve precious water resources and keep effluent and pollutants out of waterways and the ecosystem. The savings on your water bill are an added bonus - and waterless toilets can, in fact, be an elegant addition to a modern bathroom.

Tailored to domestic & public applications, Green Loo's products are also proven in the military, in disaster relief and the developing world. Become part of an ever growing solution worldwide and help preserve our earth's most precious resource - water!

Grey Water
To complete our solutions for your wastewater needs, visit our grey water page
We can make sure that every drop of this precious resource - water - is
re-used in your garden!

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Where old meets new

Green Loo's products combine the very best of modern technology with mother nature's age old wisdom. By harnessing the power of nature, what previously was considered to be a 'waste problem' we have now turned into a 'resource solution' for us to enrich our lives.

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