Self - Contained
Composting Toilets

The Eco - Pod 44

The Tiny House Champion and Australia & New Zealand's most affordable dry composting toilet. Although this little gem is ideal for Tiny Houses, it is equally at home in 'normal' domestic situations.

Rated at 2 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use, the Eco-Pod's capacity can be increased by adding optional composting bins.

If budget is an issue, or even if you are just looking for an 'occasional' toilet for the shed or back yard, click on the picture to learn more about our Eco - Pod 44!


The CM2

The CM II is a great 2 person full time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. This model proves popular as a temporary toilet solution whilst building a house, for weekenders and also for Tiny Houses of course.

With a simple design, this waterless toilet system is great for the environment and has been installed in a variety of homes and settings from forest homes, suburban homes, properties (cattle, sheep, etc) and everything else in between.

Available also in black and in white with a convenient chamber screen, the CM II price range is:

$900.00 - $1,040.00

The Rota-Pod

The Rota-Pod is Australia and New Zealand's first self contained carousel type composting toilet! Sized for 2-3 people full time use, 4-5 people part time use.

This ingenious 3 bin system solves the question as to where to store the extra bins while they compost. Directly inside the unit! Simply move the carousel on when one bin is full until it comes round full circle. Only harmless, fully broken down compost is disposed of with this system.


The EcoLet NE Models

An appealing design and simplicity of use make the Eco - Let a great choice for any location. Modern soft-closing toilet seat and elegant design to fit any décor.

Rated at 2 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use.

A convenient chamber screen is provided, so the inner compost chamber is not visible when the toilet is not in use. Urine Separating version available for $1,550.00


The EcoLet - Electrical Models

The Rolls Royce of self contained composting toilets, the Eco - Let Electrical models come with a convenient chamber screen & contain an electric heater and fan to aid the composting process by evaporating excess liquids, regulating the temperature, and providing additional air flow to the compost mixture.

Rated at between 2 - 4 people full-time use and 3 - 6 people part-time use, the convenient continuous composting system means that there is no exchange of containers necessary, only the drawer needs to be emptied every now and again of completely composted humus. 

Manual lever operated mixing system, or fully automatic system available.

From  $2,250.00 - $3,500.00
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